Fiscal Year 2016

Another Record Year for Bayer – Good Progress with the Acquisition of Monsanto

This integrated Annual Report combines our financial and our sustainability reporting. Our aim is to elucidate the interactions between financial, ecological and societal factors and underline their influence on our company’s long-term development, thus providing our stakeholders with comprehensive and transparent information.

Key Data

  • Financial Key Data

    The Bayer Group had a very successful year in 2016 – both strategically and operationally. We achieved a new record in terms of operating performance. Sales improved by 3.5 percent on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis and EBITDA before special items increased by a substantial 10.2 percent.


    (Fx & p. adj.)

    + 3.5 %

    €46,769 million

    EBITDA Before Special Items

    + 10.2 %

    €11,302 million

    Net Income

    + 10.2 %

    €4,531 million

    Core Earnings per Share

    + 7.3 %


    Investment in Research and Development

    4.7 billion
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  • Sustainability

    To us, sustainability means safeguarding our future viability and, as part of corporate strategy, is integrated into everyday procedures. We underline our mission as a company that acts sustainably through our commitment to the U.N. Global Compact and the Responsible Care™ initiative, and through our active global involvement in leading initiatives such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Bayer is committed to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Supplier Management

    98 %

    of all strategically important suppliers evaluated since 2012

    Specific Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    - 18 %

    since 2012

    Work-Related Accidents

    - 7.1 %
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  • Employees

    Our business success is based to a large extent on the knowledge, skills, commitment and satisfaction of our employees. As a modern international employer, we offer our employees attractive conditions and wide-ranging individual development opportunities.

    Proportion of Women in Senior Management

    29 %
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Bayer Worldwide

A diverse employee structure is vital for our company’s competitiveness. By embracing diversity we improve our understanding of changing markets and consumer groups, gain access to a broader pool of talented employees and benefit from the enhanced innovative and problem-solving abilities that are demonstrably associated with high cultural diversity.

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North America


1,081 million

2015: €1,051 million



2015: 16,000

Latin America


71 million

2015: €65 million



2015: 13,000

Europe/Middle East/Africa


3,285 million

2015: €2,944 million



2015: 58,800



229 million

2015: €214 million



2015: 28,800

Bayer Worldwide

I am pleased to present to you Bayer’s Annual Report for fiscal 2016. It has been a very exciting and intensive year – for me personally as well because I became Chairman of the Board of Management in May.
– Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer AG

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